Brain Injuries Raise Dementia Risk

Study Changes Views on Dementia Risks

Recently a large study was conducted on older veterans to understand better the effects of mild brain injuries. The study found that even mild brain injuries raised a person’s risk of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The current view of the medical community is in opposition to this study and views only moderate or severe brain injuries as possibly causing dementia. Mild brain injuries include concussions or closed-head, traumatic brain injuries. A couple of areas were this is a concern is pro sports and the Afghanistan/Iraq wars. Pro athletes who continually take blows to the head like football players have been found to have a high rate of mild cognitive impairment. As for the soldiers, with body armor preserving the lives of more soldiers who are in bomb blasts, it is yet to be seen what kind of effects these blasts will have on their brains over the years.

Brain Injuries and Liability

Brain injuries can be very serious to a person’s overall health, but they can also be very hard to pinpoint or detect. Furthermore, it can be very difficult to determine what the cause of the brain injury was or the effects it is linked to. Determining liability in a personal injury case that involves such difficulties as expressed above, can be close to impossible at times. The lawyers at Salcido Law Firm, however, are experienced in dealing with brain injury issues and are equipped to help you obtain the compensation you deserve to help you cope with the debilitating effects of such an injury.

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