Bankruptcy in Utah and Complex Issues

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Any good bankruptcy lawyer will tell you that no two bankruptcies are completely alike. Bankruptcy in Utah can be relatively simple and straight forward. However, more often than not, a personal bankruptcy case will carry at least one complex issue that requires the assistance of a team of skilled and experienced Utah Bankruptcy Lawyers. A good attorney is often the difference between receiving a discharge of all your debt and having your case bogged down or dismissed entirely. Bankruptcy is often more complex than many individuals realize, especially if there are complex issues such as divorce matters, real estate transactions, or business matters.

Divorce and Bankruptcy

In some divorce proceedings, one spouse will agree to shield the other spouse from certain debts and obligations accrued during the marriage. In these cases, an individual may not be able to discharge certain debts since doing so would shift liability to the other spouse. Thus, if you are going through a divorce, or recently went through a divorce, you should speak with a Utah Bankruptcy Attorney at Salcido Law Firm to determine your best course of action in light of your specific divorce decree and the debt terms stated therein.

Real Estate Transactions

Recently, many or our clients have come to our office for bankruptcy assistance in light of the recent burst in the housing market. Many of our client were involved in real estate businesses in one form or another. Property owners who have gone through foreclosures or other real property proceedings often face complex issues in their bankruptcy. In some cases, the issue of real estate fraud services in the bankruptcy and can prevent debts form being discharged or dismissal of bankruptcy case. To better avoid these types of real estate related problems in your bankruptcy, be sure to hire a qualified lawyer who will investigate your case and help you through the process.

Business Matters

Individuals who are current or former business owners often face challenging and complex matters in their personal bankruptcy. In some cases, creditors file numerous objections and motions in the bankruptcy which can prevent the timely resolution of the bankruptcy and cost the bankruptcy filer time and money. At Salcido Law Firm, our team of attorneys will guide you through the tough issues related to owning a business and other significant assets in a bankruptcy.

Free Consultation

We provide free consultations. There is no pressure to hire one of our Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys but it often helps to at least sit down with a knowledgeable attorney and find out what your options are. We work around our clients schedule so feel free to call us anytime at 801.413.1753.

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