Asbestos Town Revisits Contamination Issues

The Original Problem

Since May 2000, the EPA has been removing asbestos-contaminated soils near Libby, MT. Due to an ore mined in the area called Vermiculite, there were high levels of asbestos detected in the air in Libby and more than 274 deaths were suspected to be a cause of the toxic poisoning. Since the detection of the toxins the government has spent over $370 million on cleanup. For years now the people of Libby have simply wanted to put this behind them and be able to live in a clean place.

The Same Ol’ Story

Just as the people of Libby began to feel safe again reports have recently surfaced about another contamination. A pile of bark at the edge of town that was used as mulch at homes and parks is now revealed to be contaminated with asbestos. According to an Associated Press investigation the federal government had known about the contaminated wood chips since 2008, but still allowed the city and citizens to use the bark for landscaping. Obviously the citizens of Libby are nervous about the effects of this contamination and have all but lost all confidence in the governments ability to clean up the problem.

Legal Actions

With the amount of chemical compounds involved in the world today there is obviously going to be instances when people come in contact with harmful substances. As consumers or citizens we can’t be expected to know which chemicals are healthy and which are deadly, and because of this it is the manufacturers job to keep us safe. If you have been affected by harmful toxins you may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical costs. Call a Utah Personal Injury attorney to see what we can do for you.

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