America’s Poverty Definition May Be Faulty

Census Definition of Poor Not Generally Accepted

We have all most likely heard the astronomical numbers of those living in poverty in America and wondered how that could be. The most recent numbers suggest somewhere around 30 million people in America live below the poverty line, and most American’s may wonder where those 30 million are because that is a very large number. Well the answer to that may be in the definition. According to a recent study done by the Heritage Foundation the definition of poor used by the Census Bureau may not necessarily align with most people’s idea of poor. The study found that the average poor American has full kitchen amenities, a car, two televisions, a DVD player, and an Xbox or Play Station if they have kids. Furthermore, the poor have a living space size that beats most non-poor European’s living space. As for health issues the study shows that these families are not hungry and are able to obtain medical care.

Reading the Results

Based on how we interpret the findings, this study may lead us to believe that poverty isn’t really an issue in America or it could suggest that our poverty problems are simply different from what we thought. While those defined as poor in America may have things they don’t have money and that points us to a credit problem that all too many American’s are familiar with. Most of these poor Americans likely have the stuff they do because they bought it on credit and they are considered poor because all of their money is going to the interest that is accruing on these items.

Solving Debt Problems

Regardless of whether or not you or the Census Bureau define your situation as poverty you may be dealing with creditors and debt issues that you feel you can not handle on your own. If this is your situation then you may need to look into filing bankruptcy and how that could help your situation. Call us today for a free consultation, we’ll help you understand the benefits of bankruptcy and whether or not its a good decision for you.

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