Addictions and Divorce in Utah

Alcohol and Drug Addictions

Many marriages are affected by drug and alcohol addictions and some addictions become so controlling over one spouse that there is little else to do but terminate the marriage. Addictions affect the divorce proceedings, especially if there have been children born to the marriage.

The spouse who is struggling with the addiction may lose his rights to be with his children. In many cases the court will enter temporary orders giving sole custody to the non-addict spouse and then will sometimes allow the addict spouse to have supervised visitation with the children.  In other cases the court may preclude any visitation with the addict spouse until he has been sober for a certain amount of time.

Getting Visitation and Custody Back

If you have been struggling with an addiction and have lost your rights to see your child or have minimum visitation rights, our Utah divorce lawyers can help you implement a plan to help you regain your rights as a parent.  Such plans typically take much time and work on the addict’s part.  It also take some give and take from the non-addict spouse.  Depending on the severity of the drug or alcohol addiction such plans can include having daily chemical tests and providing the results to the other spouse to verify that the addict spouse is not using.  Plans can also include inpatient and outpatient treatment, therapy sessions, group counseling, and other treatment programs.

Complying with such plans is mandatory and imperative to be able to get back with your kids.  By complying with the plan, no matter how stringent it is, you will show the judge that you are committed to your kids first and foremost and you will soon be able to be your kids again.

Our law firm has extensive experience in representing clients who have substance abuse addictions.  We can help you.  Call us at 801.413.1753 for an attorney consultation.

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