Accidents Involving Oil, Gas, or Mining

Individuals employed in the oil, gas, or mining industries are routinely exposed to some of the most potentially dangerous workplace conditions of anyone in the economy. These types of jobs come with serious risks. Utah is a key state for each of these industries. Every year we receive calls from workers and/or their family members describing horrific accidents in these areas. We hear it all too often in the news about a mine disaster or an oil field death. We represent individual involved in these cases and hold third parties and those responsible when their negligence results in these injuries or deaths to workers who are trying to earn a living and in many cases support a family.

Oil and Gas Drilling Injuries

The oil and gas industry in Utah in recent years has been booming as new technologies and practices in the field have brought in a substantial amount of access to gas fields in the Uintah Basin. Many individuals are making the move to the natural gas industry and relocating to Vernal. With the boom there has been the potential for increase in accidents. Sometimes these accidents involve a fellow coworker who acted unreasonably or in other circumstances an employer who failed to remedy unsafe situations. Still, in other cases we have seen third party contractors in the oil and gas field who have made unsafe conditions and caused accidents for others. In any event, we can help.

Injuries and Deaths in Mining Accidents

While the mining industry is an inherently dangerous workplace, it does not mean that employers do not have to exercise reasonable care in the way mining operations are conducted. In our experience, most mining accidents and death could have been avoided if the employer or another person would have acted with diligence and cared about eliminating the possibility for harm. Who can forget the Crandall Canyon Mine from a few years ago in which several miners were trapped and ultimately died. These types of disasters will only stop if those responsible are held accountable. We recently heard on the news the Kennecott mine experienced a massive landslide. Luckily, nobody was hurt because Kennecott took appropriate action prior to ensure their workers and the public’s safety.

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