90 Day Waiting Period Now Mandatory For All in Utah

For a few years now, some individuals in Utah have been required to wait 90 days after filing for divorce before a judge would execute their divorce decree. For some time this has applied only to individuals without children. While those with kids were required to take divorce education classes, they were not required to wait the 90 days. Now, however, everyone whether you have kids or not, is required to wait 90 days after filing before the court will sign your divorce decree and officially divorce you. This creates problems for some people because as you can imagine, many people do not want to wait 90 days prior to getting a divorce. Some of our clients have expressed concerns because they have already planned their next wedding and simply can’t wait 3 months before their divorce is made final (yes, believe it or not, many people have wedding plans made before they are even divorce). There are many other reasons why people may not want to wait such a long period of time to receive a divorce decree. In such cases your only option is to file a motion with the court to waive the 90 day waiting period which will almost certainly be denied unless you can prove on overwhelming emergency justification. For more information on waiving the 90 day waiting period, see below or contact a Utah Divorce Attorney at our firm as soon as possible.

Waiving the 90 Day Waiting Period In Utah

Before the state legislature, in the infinite wisdom (yes that is sarcasm), chose to implement the new changes to the waiting period (as if they are our parents) the 90 day waiting period was easily waived so long as the parties agreed to the waiver. However, now the standard for waiving has been set much higher and the court seems so far to be much less willing to waive the 90 day waiting period. The law now required requires emergency circumstances in order to do so. The reality is not that the new standard is almost impossible to meet and many people’s motions have been denied. At Salcido Law Firm, we can’t make any promises whether or not the 90 day waiting period in your case can be waived. However, depending on your particular reasons for doing so, we can give you a very good shot. We have had success in prior cases with waiving this period. Call us today to find out more about your particular case and what we can do for you. You may email or phone us anytime day or night.

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