4 Men Killed in Plane Crash in St. George

4 very young men were killed yesterday in a plane crash at an airport in St. George, Utah. All of the men are believed to be from the St. George area. It is believed the crash occurred early Saturday morning at about 1:30 am although the investigating authorities cannot be sure. The local news agencies are unsure why the men were flying so late, or so early in the morning. The crash was discovered about 300 feet from the runway. So far, authorities who investigated the wreck are not releasing much information about what the potential cause of the accident may be. The federal aviation agencies will be investigating over the next few days. No witnesses to the crash have reportedly come forward and there may likely not be any witnesses considering the time at which this happened. No information has been released regarding the men’s flying credentials or education. The plane was a single engine Cessna and many speculate there was a mechanical failure. Singe engine airplanes like the one involved often pose serious risks and are involved in more accidents then other planes especially more than commercial jets. Our hearts go out to the young men involved in this accident and their families. We have a Southern Utah law office in St. George and we take great pride in helping the local community. We are truly sanded by this news and with the very best for all those in the community affected by this tragedy.

Airplane Accidents in Utah

Each year in Utah, especially this time of year when many small airplanes start getting up in the air, there are several airplane accidents and in some unfortunate cases like the one mentioned above, the accident results in fatalities. Under some circumstances manufacturers or airlines may be at fault. While we understand law suits cannot physically heal you or bring loved ones back, we know that when someone else’s negligence leads to a wrongful death or injury in Utah, you have rights and should consult a personal injury attorney in Salt Lake City.

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